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Woven wallhanging – Pattern

So, I usually don’t make patterns for my work, but here’s an exception for you ;)

Happy weaving!


Cotton warp, 16/2, white
’Troll’ wool yarn in the color Pale Peach. 2,3/2. From Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.
’Huldra’ wool yarn in the color Pale Pink. 8,5/2. From Hilesvåg Ullvarefabrikk.
Merino roving in the color Pale Peach. You’ll need appr. 1,5 meter (split the tube in half to get 3 meter)

Loom. I used Ashford Knitters Loom, but you could use a frame loom that takes a 26 cm wide weave.
Weaving needle, or a shuttle
Tapestry needle
Wooden branch/rod, appr. 0,5 cm thick, 26 cm long

Stitches used 
Tabby weave
Rya knot




Warp the loom using the cotton warp thread. You should have 78 warp threads in total when finished.

1. After you have warped your loom, Tabby weave with your weaving needle or shuttle, 37 rows using wool yarn in Pale peach. The first 2 cm is for the hanging of the weaving.

  1. Now you should start weaving the triangle shape. Use Tabby weave (continue with the same yarn as in step 1). Decrease 3 warp threads from the right, on every other row, until you reach the left side.

(Jump in three warp threads from the right, weave two rows of Tabby weave. Then jump in another three warp threads, weave two rows of Tabby weave, and so on until you reach the left side.)

illustration 02


  1. Starting from the right side of the loom, Tabby weave with the merino roving. Use a good lenght (appr. 60 cm) at a time.Use the heddle to easier get the roving through the warp without making it all frizzy.
    To get the ’bumpy’ look, pull out the roving here and there. Some more than others to get variations in the texture. Fill in the triangle space first, before even it out and end in a straight row. There will be appr. 6 rows of roving.

Between every other row of roving, tabby weave two rows with the Pale Peach wool yarn to keep the weaving steady. Finish with a couple of rows with Tabby weave in wool yarn.

  1. Measure and cut 20 equal bundles of the thin Pale Pink wool yarn, 8 pieces of yarn in each bundle. Each bundle should be 70 cm long.

Make 20 rya knots, each will be appr. 35 cm long.

  1. Tabby weave 5 rows under the Rya knots using Pale Pink wool yarn.


Cut and tie the warp together in groups of two across the bottom and top of the weave. Tuck the ends into the back of your weave using the tapestry needle.

Lay the rod on the back of your weave (at the top), and fold over appr. 2 cm of the weaving. Use the tapestry needle and sew through both layers right beneath the rod, to close the rod in. Use a piece of wool yarn to hang the weave.

Finally, cut the fringe so it’s even.